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How about Matrix Calculator Pro?

Matrix Calculator Pro is a professional windows software which can calculate matrix with real numbers or complex numbers.

I'll introduce you a very useful matrix calculator. Hansoft Matrix Calculator is a professional Matrix Calculator software which can calculate matrix with real numbers and complex numbers. You'll easily get the results of matrix calculation, such as 'Matrix inverse', 'Matrix rank', 'LU factorization', and so on. As you see, it's easy, various, and effectual.

Key Features:
Support for real matrix and complex matrix;
Support for polar format;
Add the function of 'Auto';
Manage (save or open) the file with the project file *.mtx;
To get the result only need to click one button;
Support for ALL Windows OS;
New and improved interface.

Key Functions:
Largest component;
Smallest component;
Sum of diagonal elements;
QR factorization. Orthogonal-triangular decomposition;
LU factorization;
Cholesky factorization;
Singular value decomposition;
Matrix multiply;
Array multiply;
> Slash or right matrix divide
Right array divide;<
Element-wise logical AND;
Element-wise logical OR;
Matrix power.

There are two calculators named 'Easy Matrix Calculator' and 'Matrix Calculator Pro'. The first one supports for real numbers only, and the next one supports for complex numbers, which can be converted to Polar format.

It's very easy to use it with three steps as follow:
Step1: Input Matrix A or B in the left panel, according to the format showed in the interface;
Step2: Input coefficient x and select precision when necessary, otherwise they equal to the default values.
Step3: Put one of the expression buttons in the middle panel to calculate. The results will be shown in the right panel.

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