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How to Calculator Complex Matrix?

Matrix Calculator Pro is a professional windows software which can calculate matrix with real numbers or complex numbers.

1. Support for complex matrix.

Matrix Calculator Pro supports for complex matrix. You can input complex number such as 3+i, 3+3i,-3.4i, etc. But not 3+3*i, 3i+3, etc. For example:
Matrix A=
1 -2i 3+i
2 1+i 1-i
i 3.2 14i

2. Support for Polar format

----Polar format is also supported! And the angles are in degrees. For example:
Matrix A=
1 2(-90) 3.162(18.435)
2 1.414(45) 1.414(-45)
3 3.2 14(90)
----Notice: In some countries, comma is the default decimal separator.

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